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TAC IPS Media Series, Episode 1 - What is an IPS?


Episode Information

Episode Name: Episode 1 - What is an IPS?

Contributors: Blayne Dreier, Stijn Vanveerdeghem

Posting Date: August 25th, 2010

Description: In this episode, Cisco TAC engineers discuss the basic definition and history of the IPS product.

Episode Show Notes

About the TAC IPS Media Series

The Cisco TAC IPS Media Series is created by Cisco TAC engineers. Each episode will concentrate on a particular feature of the IPS, with a  portion dedicated to configuration and a portion dedicated to troubleshooting and debugging.

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Hello guys,

This is a very helpful information keep going. Stijn helped me very much with a case I opened in the TAC and Blayne helped me in the Show podcast. Very nice work. THANK YOU!!

Good stuff.  Looking forward to seeing more, especially what advanced topics might be covered.  You guys should promote this a little more.  Even as a regular reader of the IPS forums, I just now noticed this had been added.

One other note - small problem with the volume balance, especially Stijn's dialogue relative to the added sound effects.  I had to turn up the volume to hear him, but got blasted by the "swoosh" that followed. Maybe just lower the volume on the effects?


Hello Michael,

Thanks for the feedback! We do plan to promote more. We just wanted to get a few episodes out first. We've completed shooting on Episode 2 and we're editing it now. We are also very excited to move into the meatier topics.

Thanks for the tip on the audio. We're learning - hopefully. I'll watch this point closely while editing future episodes.

Thank you,


Awesome Lads. I look forward to learning more about these bad boys.

Thank you.



Are these still available in podcast or MP3 format?

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