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The connection to the FWSM is lost during the creation of a new context in transparent mode


What is Security Context?

Security Contexts is Cisco's name for a virtual firewall. One physical firewall may have multiple contexts.There are no physical interfaces on the FWSM. All virtual interfaces.

You specify the vlan group the fwsm belongs to.

Interface VLAN 101

Ip address 10.30.x.x/24

Failovers are typically recommended that LAN and STATE are on separate vlans.

Core issue

This problem occurs because a management IP address is not configured. This is an issue since the FWSM uses the IP address as the source address.

Each context requires a management IP address, even if Telnet is not used.


In order to resolve this problem, configure a management IP address with the ip address command for new context. Refer to Managing Security Contexts for more information about context.

Note: During the configuration process for a management IP address, remember these:

  • The management IP address must be on the same subnet as the connected network.

  • Do not specify the management IP address of the FWSM as the default gateway for connected devices. Devices must specify the router on the other side of the FWSM as the default gateway.

Refer to the Transparent Firewall Guidelines section of Configuring the Firewall Mode for more information.

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