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The UCP on Cisco Secure ACS does not prompt users to change the password


Core issue

The User Changable Password (UCP) is utility to change user password (local acs database) that can be used only when the user account status is active. As UCP utility is not interactive, you are not prompted to change the password. The UCP is used when you want to change your password and not when you are forced to do it.

Note: The UCP does not work if the user account is expired due to password expiry.


Complete these steps in order to change your password with the UCP before password expiry:

  1. On a web browser, open the UCP page with the administrator-provided URL.

  2. Type your username and password, and then click Submit.

    The Change Password page opens. The username you entered on the previous page appears in the Username box.

  3. Specify this information:

    • Current Password—Type your current password.

    • New Password—Type the new password. Your password possibly needs to fulfill certain special requirements, such as minimum length. Check with your system administrator for details.

    • Confirm New Password—Re-type the new password.

  4. Choose Submit. Your password is changed.

  5. Choose Logout in order to exit.

Refer to User Guide for Cisco Secure ACS User-Changeable Passwords for more information.

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