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Troubleshooting VSM Installations.




This document describes the multiple VSM installation scenarios.

Scenario 1: VSM build partitions


User is Currently doing a build for a customer that is co-located on a UCS box. The server is going to have a total of 20tb for the media server to use. User have been asked to split this 20tb into smaller 2tb virtual hard drives to be added to the server in ESX. Is there any benifit to having 10x 2tb partitions on the VSM server that are all located within the same ESX data-store? Or does it essentially provide the same result as having 1x 20tb partition assigned to the server?
The 2TB disk allocations are a technical limitation given the deployment environment.  I highly recommend you review the following documentation prior to deployment:

Effectively, you are going to end up with multiple '/mediaXX' repositories on the VSMS instances, but that's okay.

Scenario 2: HA problem on VSM Server 


User is facing problem with HA on VSM servers. He configured 9 servers as primary and 1 server as failover. When one of primary servers goes down failover server doesnt get it's role. Cameras and recording from them doesn't pass to failover server. What can cause a problem?
  1. when Primary server fails, do you see above status on the primary and failover server? If Yes, this means that Server is failover, just that cameras are not getting pushed to fail over server.
  2.  Go the system settings --> Cameras --> Select template --> streaming and recording --> Advance storage management system. Select fail over ON.
  3. Save and replace configuration on the all the cameras that needs to go on failover server and replace configuration on VSOM, Media and Failover server.

Source Discussion


I would be careful with your multiple 2TB media shares instead of a larger share using RAID. As the archives fill up that space you may find that you will not have enough room on any number of those shares to add more cameras. Then you have a bunch of wasted space on each media share. I would be curious to see what your storage utilization looks like now since this is an older case. 

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