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Unable to install the license file on CSM and the "Selected license file is corrupted" error message displays



In order to resolve this issue, do not install the license from Common Services but from the CSM client Tools > Security Manager Administration > Licensing.

Complete these steps in order to install the license file onto the Cisco Security Manager (CSM):

  1. Choose Tools > Security Manager Administration.

  2. Click Licensing. For a description of the fields on this page, see Table F-8 Licensing Page.

  3. Choose Install License in order to begin product registration or install a new license. If you install a new license, go to step 7.

  4. In order to complete product registration and obtain a new production license from, refer to Product Registration License. After the completion of the process, a Product Authorization Keys (PAK) is sent to the e-mail address you provided during registration. In addition to a PAK and license for Security Manager, you possibly receive one additional PAK for each incremental device count pack you purchased. Retain these with your Cisco Security Manager software records.

  5. Repeat step 4 for each solution product you license until all PAKs and licenses are sent. You must transfer the license files onto the Security Manager server if they are not already there, and use FTP or some other means in order to do this. The license file must be on a local drive like C: or D:, not on a mapped drive like O:, or CSM cannot use it.

  6. Click Upgrade License again if the Upgrade License dialog box with the Browse button is no longer visible.

  7. Click Browse in order to navigate to the folder that contains the license file.

  8. Choose the file.

  9. Click OK.

Refer to the Installing License Files section of Performing Adminstrative Tasks for more information about CSM.

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