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User receives "Error: remote CD Failed" error message during upgrade process


Core issue

The remote CD Failed error message is an FTP message that occurs when trying to change directory. The issue is with the initialization script that runs during the upgrade.

Using Secure Copy (SCP) or FTP to manually transfer the file to the sensor eliminates any problems with mainApp not understanding the prompts or not waiting long enough for the transfer. If you cannot download the file using the service account, the problem is with either the end FTP or SCP server or the network.

Once the file is on the sensor, the upgrade command should work normally since mainApp understands the SCP prompts from the sensor itself. Moreover, the network-related issues would not arise since the file has already been uploaded on that box.


For a workaround to this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Create a service account.

  2. Log in with the service account.

  3. Use FTP or SCP to manually copy the update to the service account's home directory.

  4. In the Command Line Interface (CLI), enter conf t.

  5. Accept the sensor's Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) key as a server key, as shown: ssh host-key .

  6. Access the file through the sensor's own SCP server for the upgrade or copy command, as shown: scp://@/.

For instructions on Installing and upgrading an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) sensor, refer to Installing the IDS Appliance .

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