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Users are unable to access the Microsoft Windows shares through an IPSec VPN tunnel formed with a router and a PIX 500 series using software version 6.3


Core issue

This happens because broadcasts do not go through an IPSec tunnel.

Browsing Network Neighborhood is a function of the Microsoft browsing service. Any problems are usually because the PC or master browsers do not function properly. Network Neighborhood is officially not supported. However, it works if configured correctly.

Browsing Network Neighborhood works by obtaining the browse list from either a master or backup browser. This list is obtained locally on your LAN by using NetBIOS Broadcasts to locate domain browsers.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Ensure that the PC is set up properly, and log on to the domain.

  2. Make sure you have NetBIOS over TCP enabled on the adapter that you use to connect to the domain. Ensure that the Client for Microsoft Networks is enabled. If you are able to map drives by IP address, then NetBIOS is passing through.

  3. Go to the Properties of the Ethernet Adapter.

  4. Select TCP/IP and click Properties.

  5. Click Advanced.

  6. Click the WINS tab.

  7. Check the Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP option.

  8. Log on to the domain.

When the computer logs in to the domain, the domain controller (which should be the domain master browser) redirects the browsing service to a master browser. The master browser then redirects to a backup browser. There it obtains the browse list.

If there is a problem with the domain controller initially, such as not being the domain master browser, then it never directs the client to the master browser. Troubleshoot your browsing services on the LAN using BROWSTAT.EXE, which you can obtain off of the NT4 Resource Kit (available from Microsoft).

For more information, refer to the Cannot Ping Network Resources and Computers by IP Address, NetBIOS Name, or FQDN section of Troubleshooting Microsoft Network Neighborhood After Establishing a VPN Tunnel With the Cisco VPN Client.