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VIDEO: Cisco ASA 5505 Memory Upgrade Instructional Video


Upgrading the memory in the ASA 5505

Upgrading the memory in the ASA 5505 is required to run the new ASA software version 8.3.

Opening up the chassis is required to upgrade the memory, and the process is somewhat tricky; we created this video to help explain how to upgrade the memory easily, and without damaging the internal components

This video was created by the people who create the Cisco TAC Security Podcast:

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Monica Lluis
Community Manager

Excellent video, very informative and well done.

Prabhu Nagarajan

Good Video and moe informative.

Magnus Mortensen
Cisco Employee

Monica, On behalf of Jay and the rest of the Tac Security Podcast  folks, thanks for the compliment. We're always interested in creating  content that helps all of you, so if there is anything you would like  covered in a podcast or possibly as a video feel free to follow up with  us at or shoot us an email at

- Magnus

Tim Harrington

Good stuff, guys! Thanks for taking the time to make video tutorials. Very very helpful!


Good Video, very informative

Daniel Laden

where does one get the short cisco clip added to the end of the video?

kyle woodhouse

Hi, The video is great but i had a question about flash memory on the ASA5505.  The title says upgrading memory but i dont see any meantion of the flash memory. 

1. Reading the Hardware install guide specific to the 5505 and it differs from the 5500 guide.  It makes no meantion of the  flash being upgradeable like the 5500 guide does.  I know its a standard compact flash card but can you use the 256MB and 512MB CF cards to upgrade the ASA5505 too?

2. A customer of mine has their flash upgraded and working.  Will this cause any issues with Cisco TAC support?  (assume they used the cisco parts for this ASA5500-CF-256MB and ASA5500-CF-512MB)


Community Member

Seems to me that this page is worthless now that the link to the video is missing.

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