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WebVPN Clientless SSL VPN File transfer through CIFS (Upload Limitations)


WebVPN Clientless SSL VPN File transfer through CIFS (Upload Limitations)


Adding a little explanation of what CIFS is:


      Common Internet File System


       The Common Internet File System (CIFS) is the standard way that computer users share                 files across corporate intranets and the Internet.


Upload limits for Internet Eplorer, Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IIS and ASP.


Real problems and limitations with very large posts, current internet browsers (Internet Eplorer, Mozilla firefox, Google

Chrome, Opera) and several versions of Internet information server and ASP.

      Q: Hi, is it possible to set the upload limit on Huge ASP to a file size greater than 2gb? 2gb is too small, we are needing to upload hi-res video files of 3.5gb at times.


Mozilla firefox


Upload file over 2GB - you cannot post such file, Mozilla does not send request with bigger file to server

   Upload two or more files with size summary size >2GB


Internet Explorer


   The results with IE are similar - IE allows to post file over 2GB


Google Chrome, Opera


   Google chrome (32bit version) and Opera can upload files of 2GB, 4GB or more size without problems.




Things you should ask for:


  • What are the Browser’s versions?
  • Could you try it on different computers so we can define if this happening with some users or all the users?
  • What is file size being shown when opening CIFS on your inside network and also externally through Clientless?
  • What is the behavior on Java browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) and on Activex (Internet explorer)?
  • Can you try to do it from the inside of your network? And also connecting with the Clientless from the inside is this happening still?
  • What is the ASA software version?
  • The show tech-support of the ASA


BUGs ID you match the behavior with the following bugs:



 WEBVPN - upload of files larger then 2GB fails through CIFS



CIFS issues with large (3GB+) files



 FTP download for files larger than 2GB doesn't work properly



 ENH: Increase CIFS transfer limit through webvpn


Common issues that may provoke this:


There may be external configuration that can cause this limitations:




                    Solution: try uploading the image to the Actual server, does the behavior change at all?




                   Solution: Make sure to increment the lifetime of both sides if the packet is going across a L2L also clear down the tunnel and then try to download the file





           Fat 32 has in inherent limit to the maximum size of any file you load to a disk which is 4 GB.


Solution: Convert your Drive System from FAT32 to NTFS


     Convert the System Format from FAT32 to NTFS:

     Standard Windows utility that is called CONVERT serves this purpose
     Just go to the Start->Run->Cmd (Command Prompt) and execute the command:


        C:\> CONVERT  C:  /fs:ntfs

   + Where C: is a name of the drive you want to convert.

   + After machine re-boot conversion process will start and you'll have your FAT32 converted to NTFS without data loss.




  • Are there any disk quotas or user quotas?


Disk quotas: disk quotas track and control disk storage usage on a per-user, per-volume basis


Per-User Quotas: You can set quota limits on individual users, or you can have limits apply equally to all non-administrative users. Unfortunately, you can't set limits on groups of users. And any users who already own files on the disk will have their quotas initially disabled. New users will have the default quotas for the disk applied as you would expect when they first save a file on the disk. (



>Make sure the user’s computer does not have a disk quota set up, so that won’t limit the download.

  1. Open the path: Computer, and right click on the drive where the download will be placed:
  2. By click on “Show Quota Settings”, You will be able to see the “Disk Quotas settings”
  3. By disabling this “Enable Quota Management” and apply the changes it will me it to work.
  4. Now you can check if this is set up “Per-User Quotas”, by clicking on “Quota Entries”:
  5. You will be able to see the users and the “Quota limits”, and we can double click on the user affected and either set up the “Do Not Limit Disk Usage”, or set up the proper Limit so the download will be permitted.


  1. Make sure there is not a GPO created on a active directory server from where you have your user, if you have a GPO assigned to the group where your user is in, they may also can set up Disk quotas and inherit those policies once you connect:




Note: Make sure under the group policy on the ASA being used, leave the default size for downloads download-max-size 2147483647, this commands is under the WebVPN configuration



 Make sure to follow all these steps so the case can be either isolated completely or solved. I will be modifying this as needed, note that this may not be formatted as expected so I will be changing the document

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