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Why am I suddenly being prompted to create a new organization when I login to [CDO, Stealthwatch, Umbrella, Cloudlock, Meraki, AMP]?



When I log into my application, I'm suddenly asked to create a new organization. Did something change or migrate? I already had an organization.

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Short Answer

You may be starting from and mistakenly clicking "SecureX sign-on", which will take you into SecureX. You can still get to your application from the legacy site or go directly to your intended application console (CDO, Stealthwatch Cloud, Umbrella, AMP, Cloudlock, Meraki, etc.)

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You might be accustomed to accessing your application starting from, which was redirected in March 2020 to In June 2020, we replaced the content on to introduce SecureX. You can still access your application in a number of ways:

1. Setup SecureX and configure your product integration, where you'll have launch buttons to access your product consoles.

2. Keep accessing it directly from the legacy portal.

3. Access your product consoles directly, where you'll be directed to login with your SecureX sign-on account.