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Multiple authentication needed on phones WSA-ISE

Ask Me Anything (Formerly known as Ask the Expert)

Hi everybody,


I've been having an issue with the authentication to an SSID.  I have an ISE 1.4 (Posture applied) version and a WSA S170. When any workstations try to connect to an SSID, the connection give it to an authentication web page deployed by the  ISE requering the username and password.  When the user fills it up this fields, the posture profile tries to analyze the machine, an when the requeriments are accepted, then the machine can connect to the corporate network.  That is the posture normal beahavior. 


The issue happens when a mobile device, specially an iphone device, tries to connect to the same SSID.  When an Iphone tries to connect to this SSID, appears the login authentitation page for the first time, not the ISE web page, but a WSA web page, and the user needs to authenticate again.   (I attahced it)


I see the ISE logs and the posture phone status is Compliant and apparently there is not any issue with the ISE, so I think it's the WSA. 


Thanks for any help you can give me.