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I have a question regarding dynamic policy NAT and IPSEC Site2Site connections.
Kinda hard to explain, but I will do my best.

The current setup is
- two sites, site A (ASA 5520) and site B (ASA5505). Botw with FW 8.2
- Both sites are connected via IPSec S2S tunnel
- At site A I have a customer router connected, with a transfer network of
- Our customer requieres us to SNAT every connection that goes to the customer network
- The SNAT IP has to be from the transfer network

At site A it works quite simple.
I have a dynamic policy NAT defined that every source IP from site A ( )
that has as destination will be translated to

The problem is site B ( ).
In this case I have a dyn. policy NAT at the ASA5505 at site B.
Every source IP from site B ( ) that has as destination will be translated to
This IP is included in the S2S tunnel to site A and should be normaly forwared.
When I try to access the customer network at site A, it works pretty fine. When I try this at site B I don't get any connection.
At site B I don't see any errors. ACLs, NAT, the IPSec tunnel, everything seems to be fine. The source IP gets natted, enters the tunnel and is sent to site A.
At site A I also don't see any errors at all.
All I see is something like this on the ASA site A:
6 Oct 26 2009 12:18:04 302013 14304 8001 Built inbound TCP connection 182622841 for outside: ( to int_trans_network: (

Strange thing is that I don't see any packets leaving the interface on the ASA. Is there any FW bug?!

Any comments and recommendations are welcome!!



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