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Jagdeep Gambhir
Steps to generate support bundle on ACS 5.x via cli 

Step 1
Log in to ACS via SSH client using cli credentials. Step 2 Enter into the ACS Configuration mode using GUI credentials          acs/admin# acs-config Escape character is CNTL/D. Username: acsadmin Password: acs/admin(config-acs)# Step 3 Set logging to debug mode,. acs/admin(config-acs)# debug-adclient enable acs/admin(config-acs)# debug-log runtime level debug acs/admin(config-acs)# debug-log mgmt level debug acs/admin(config-acs)#exit Step 4 At this point, we need to duplicate the issue, do whatever is causing the problem, or wait for the problem to occur again. Once done, we need to generate support bundle,             acs/admin# acs support TACBUNDLE repository MYREPOSITORY encryption-passphrase null include-debug-logs 2 include-local-logs 5 include-system-logs 2 include-logs 2 all-categories This will generate a support bundle named TACBUNDLE.tar.gz and put it on repository. You can modify the number of logs from 2 to any number of files you feel would include the logs covering the problem. ============================================================================= Steps to create FTP repository.acs/admin# configure acs/admin(config)# repository MYREPOSITORY  (MYREPOSITORY" is a name that you want to give to the repository). acs/admin(config-Repository)# url ftp://x.x.x.x  (IP address of ftp server) acs/admin(config-Repository)# user <<name>> password plain <<password>> (Credentials for ftp user) acs/admin(config-Repository)# exit acs/admin(config)# exit

You may reffer to this doc for more details.

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