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ASA Site-to-Site VPN Wizard Demonstration

Cisco Employee

This video is currently being processed. Please try again in a few minutes.
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This video walks through the updated Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Wizard available within ASDM. The workflow has now been simplified and reduces the need for protocol specific knowledge.


Where is the video.

Cisco Employee

The video is still there.  The video uses flash player and recently many browsers have started to block some of content.  Can you please confirm that you are allowing your browser to display this content.  I saw the same issue you are mentioning and it worked when I disabled protection on this page (Firefox).


Please add a diable tunnel on the connection profiles tab.


i tried to open the link with internet explorer and it worked fine..

podrian volver a subir el video


The video does not work on Chrome nor Firefox. It does work on IE. Please just put this kind of stuff on youtube since you are not able to provide flash videos yourself that work on all browsers.

Cisco Employee


I just tested with firefox and chrome and both worked for me.  The caveat was that I needed to disable 'protection' for the applets to load.  Look for a shield symbol in the url bar.



Hi Jay,


Really appreciate for the vdo but can't see clearly (so blur). 

Want to see more vdo for the ASA IPsec VPN configuration, troubleshooting.





Good content, poor quality.  Could you please record in 1080p or at least 720p?  Also, what if an ASA connects to a Cisco router, how does the configuration differ? Thanks Jay!


thank you this was good. question, once it is created and working, what does the log out in the monitor screen do?

Cisco Employee


The logout button will clear the Phase 1 and Phase 2 security association with the remote peer.  In essence it will bring down the tunnel.  The word log out may be a bit misleading but applies nicely when you are looking at remote access connections where you can logout a user from the vpn.



Thank you for the video.

I just bought ASA-5506X, and the VPN wizards are missing from the ASDM's menu.

At ASDM, the only options at the menu Wizards are:
- Startup wizard
- High availability and scalability wizard
- Unified communication wizard
- ASDM identify certificate wizard

- Packet capture wizard

Any idea why the VPN wizards are not there?



I'm dealing with the same problem. Do you have a solution already? 

5506-x allows site-to-site vpn with certificate authentication method, right?

Thanks a lot :)


Hi Jay,

Can you guide me on setting up VPN site-to-site without using the wizard on asdm?:) Do I just need to setup a connection profile?

Thank you. - Mady


Hi Jay,


I have setup vpn tunnel between cisco asa 5515 and cisco 1941/k9. The tunnel is up and working. after 4 hours, the staff on the remote site (1941 router) can't reach to the applications on the other site unless i remove crypto map on asa's outside interface then issue command "clear configure crypto ca trustpoint" on the asa. When i re-apply crypto map on the interface everything works. Could you please help me through it as it is difficult to do every time. Even i disabled peer-id validation from asa.



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