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Ask the Experts (vLog) ASA Version 8.3 NAT Configuration

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ASA Version 8.3 NAT Configuration By: Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston is a Cisco Support Engineer. In this video blog, Jay outlines the basic concepts behind configuration Network Address Translation (NAT) on the Cisco ASA platform in software version 8.3.


NAT config example

ASA 8.3 CLI Guide

Cisco Employee

Jay, this is a great video! It's very straighforward and informative. Im also impressed you were able to type all that so quickly without typos


I was 100% against this new nat configuration until I watched this video. Awesome video that you made! Clear and easy to understand. Same as Hdashnau, I'm surprised that you didn't have a single typo throughout the video!!!

This was very nice video introduction, thanks.

I need to have a Dual ISP on the ASA and I want to route traffic business relate to T1 base on destination address, the rest of destinations ip will be route to the second ISP DSL connection. I don't want load balancing but route traffic base con destination. Any help will be excellent.


How can I do this configuration on 8.3 ????

nat (inside) 1 0 0
global (ISP1) 1 interface
global (ISP2) 1 interface
route ISP1 
route ISP2
The first creates a default route that routes addresses with the first  bit of 1 to of ISP1.
The second creates a default route that routes addresses with the first bit of 0 to of ISP2.


Thanks! This makes the new system a lot clearer to me.

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