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EVPN on 9300's as collapsed core to routed-access


I'm planning the details of how to configure our new 9300 switches (2 each in 2 DC's, connected by 2 runs of dark-fibre)


Is there anything that I need to be aware of that will not work? I haven't been able to find much in the way of documentation for EVPN.


We have a mixture of 4500E-Sup8's and 3850 stacks that will dual-home to one pair of 9300's with ptp routes.

The 4 x 9300's will form a ring from a cable perspective but I assume I would connect them as ptp /31's, run iGP like EIGRP/OSPF, overlay VXLAN with MP-BGP EVPN

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Steve Fuller


For general VXLAN, MP-BGP, EVPN etc., then the VXLAN Network with MP-BGP EVPN Control Plane white paper is quite good with designs and configuration examples.

There's also a bunch of presentations on Cisco Live. Take a look at BRKDCT-3378 - Building Data Center Networks with Overlays (VXLAN/EVPN & FabricPath)  and BRKDCT-2404 - VXLAN Deployment Models - A practical perspective.

While the aforementioned will give you some good material, they focus mainly on the building of Clos based leaf-spine fabric for connectivity within a single data centre. And there's a reason for that.

Cisco are not proposing MP-BGP and EVPN as a data centre interconnect at this stage as all the required features are not yet implemented. Note in particular slide 108 in the BRKDCT-3378 presentation.

Taken from that slide:

VXLAN applicability evolves as the Control Plane evolves!

  • Yesterday: VXLAN, yet another Overlay
    • Data-Plane only (Multicast based Flood & Learn)
  • Today: VXLAN for the creation of scalable DC Fabrics – Intra-DC
    • Control-Plane, active VTEP discovery, Multicast and Unicast (Head-End Replication)
  • Future: VXLAN for DCI – Inter-DC
    • DCI Enhancements (ARP caching/suppress, Multi-Homing, Failure Domain isolation, Loop Protection etc.)

If you're watching the presentation the discussion around this is approximately 1hr. 20mins. in.

You might want to go back to your Cisco rep and go through what you're proposing and get their view on it's applicability and risk.