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Nexus 1000v and HP Virtual Connect



We have configured several HP blade servers with two CNAs of 10 Gb managed by Virtual Connect and connected to Flex Fabric Modules. The operating system is vmware ESXi 4.1. Each CNA is divided into 3 NICS an 1 HBA of the following speed: NIC 1: 1 Gb, NIC 2: 1 Gb, NIC 3: 6 Gb, HBA: 2 Gb.

The ESXi manage the connections as Full Duplex and the speed configured in Virtual Connect.


All the interfaces in each server are assigned to a Nexus 1000v. The status of the 1Gb nics are Full Duplex.

The status of the 6 Gb nics is Half Duplex. We have tried to force to Full duplex but it is not possible: it is necessary to force the speed before forcing the duplex, but it doesn't accept to force the speed (it should remain to auto in order to get 6 Gb).

Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Carlos,

This is a known issue with the HP VC interfaces on the N1K VSM when using a non-default interface speeds (e.g. 2 GB - 6 GB etc).

There should be no operational impact as this is a cosmetic bug.

Here is the bug info: CSCta63359  (Show interface show 10M when using Virtual Connect)

There is no workaround for the bug but the fix is avaiable in the 1.4 version.


Hello, abbharga,

Thank for your answer. The version of the Nexus 1000v we are running is the 4.2.1SV1.4. As noted by the release note, this bug is fixed in this version, buy I still have it. Is it only a cosmetic bug? Does it mean that it really is running in full duplex? Shouldn't I worry about it? Thanks in advance.



Can you advise the model of NICs your hosts are using?  I'd also like to see the driver version used.  Can you provide the following outputs

esxcfg-nics -l

(idenftify the vmnic# for one of the problem nics)

ethtool -i vmnicx (Using vmnic # from previous command)

I've seen a problem in HP boxes with NetXen cards where a firmware & driver update resolved the issue.

Also, If you're able to test, can you try setting the virtual connect NIC for this host as a single 10G nic (rather than chopping up into 4 virtual NICs)?  Confirm this comes online as 10G Full.



Hello, Robert,

We have installed the last driver available in the web page of HP. This is the info requested:

~ # ethtool -i vmnic5
driver: be2net
version: 2.102.518.0
firmware-version: 3.702.453.0
bus-info: 0000:02:00.7
~ #

It is not possible for us to reconfigure the virtual connect to present a vmnic of 10 Gb, but I'm sure that with 10 Gb it would work fine.

Thanks and regards,



What is the exact model # of your CNA/NIC?