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Nexus 1000v running "vem upgrade proceed" AFTER manual VEM upgrades?

Level 1
Level 1

I have a question about the sequence of tasks while doing manual VEM upgrades

  • Upgrading 1KV only (not ESX)
  • Staying on ESXi4.1 (upgrade to ESXi5.1 later)
  • 4.2.1(SV1)4a     =>     4.2.1(SV2)1.1a
  • VSMs upgrade has completed ok
  • VUM is installed

vem upgrade notify has been accepted ok however the VEMs have been manually upgraded while the vem upgrade proceed cmd has NOT yet been run. VSM is still showing mismatched VSM/DVS bundleIDs since proceed has not run.

My understanding is that the “vem upgrade proceed" updates the bundle ID on vCenter. What else does it do that may have negative impacts executing out of sequence? (presuming VUM will be shutdown)

What are the consequences of executing vem upgrade proceed/complete (with VUM shutdown) after the VEMs have been manually upgraded?

Thanks in advance for advice.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This command also unlocks the VEMs from upgrade mode.  If left in upgrade mode there will be issues with some configuration changes pushed to the VEMs.  So even with manual mode you'll need to run through upgrade, proceed, complete.

~ # vemcmd show card | grep Upgrade

Upgrade : Default   <---------------

Thanks Matthew,

understand proceed/complete still needs to be run through. Good to know it unlocks the VEMs.

Are there negative consequences in running through proceed/complete after the VEMs have been manually upgraded?

No.  If you use VUM, you will want to stop the service while running those commands.

ok.  I will advise to go ahead and execute proceed/complete with VUM stopped.


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