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Nexus 1000v with vSphere 6.5 (VCSA and ESXi-6.5)

Reuben Farrelly

I'd like to start off some discussion about the Nexus1000v with vSphere 6.5 which has just been released.

I have successfully run up a test ESXi and VCSA server and am looking at installing the N1kv in this environment.  Note:  I have had success and understanding of this from running this under VCSA-6.0 and ESXi-6.0 so I have used these products before - but not yet under 6.5.

As of now the N1kv is not officially supported/validated on this release but I'd like to get as far as I can with installing it anyway.  It looks like the problems may be mostly just about packaging and installation process rather than binary incompatibility.

So far the issues I have had are:

1. There is no vib to install on ESXi-6.5, and the ESXi-6.0 vib fails to install:

[root@vmware-2:~] esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/55023178-7d2b0288-46fb-a0369f00f4aa/cross_cisco-vem-v320-
VIB Cisco_bootbank_cisco-vem-v320-esx_5. requires esx-base = 6.0.0, but the requirement cannot be satisfied within the ImageProfile.
Please refer to the log file for more details.

Is there a way to force this vem to load?  I believe - but haven't tested - that this vib should be compatible with ESXi-6.5

2. With the vSphere Desktop client no longer supported or functional with VCSA 6.5, how can we import the cisco_nexus_1000v_extension.xml file with the embedded certificate into VCSA?

3. Has there been any indication from Cisco as to the timeframe or supportability and/or updates of the N1kv to allow it to work seamlessly with vSphere 6.5?

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I already have a working solution now so the problem is somewhat sorted :-)

VSUM doesn't (officially) support vCenter 6.5 though either right now, so I didn't test that option out at the time.

Peter Koltl
Rising star
Rising star

Awesome! Thanks

FWIW there is also a vSphere Custom Cisco Installation Image for vSphere 6.5 out now too.

It doesn't seem to have any 1000V components.

Comparing the upgrade/profile.xml files, it looks like:

megaraid-sas changed from 6.603.55.00-2vmw to Avago 6.610.15.00-1OEM

scsi-fnic. changed from to CSCO scsi-fnic

Nexus 1000V 5.2(1)SV3(2.8) was just released and still indicates vmware 6.0 compatibility only.

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