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Nexus 5020, after shutting down a nexus interface the Catalyst interface stays on(GLC-T)

Hi All, we have a weird case here:



   Eth1/1 with SFP-1000BASE-T (GLC-T)

Catalyst 2960G

   int Gi0/1

both equipment connected with a crossover cable to those mentioned interfaces, after doing a shut on the nexus side (eth1/1), the catalyst stills shows the port up!!! could it be considered a normal behaivor? we would like that when shutting an interface on the nexus side the catlayst side see it down/down as happens between catalysts.

thanks a lot

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Colby Beam
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I have seen some cases where the port stays up, this was due to a bad cable. If you do a 'show int E1/1 and show int gi0/1 on the switches, do both show 1gb "full"?

Could you try replacing the cable, and also I don't believe you would need a cross-over. You should be able to use a straight-thru.

You would need crossover if autoMDIX or Auto duplex/speed detection is enabled. Use Straight thru only when you hard code speed and duplex which disables autoMDIX.....

Krun - actually this is how it works

Auto-MDIX: Auto speed and auto duplex, however any cable type, crossover or straight thru can be used

Disabled Auto-MDIX: Speed and duplex can be hard coded however a crossover must be used

Hello diego,

Did you find what was the issue ?

Getting the same problem here, with N5K in 6.0.2.

Feedback to the issue: the bug CSCui04537 was created.

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