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Nexus 5500 VoIP cos 3 and FCoE


I have a requirment to do QoS for a DC that includes some VoIP as well FCoE with CNAs in the servers. I want to use COS 3 for the VoIP signalling and drop it in the same input and output quues to the servers as FCoE.

so we have

class-map type qos class-fcoe

class-map type queuing class-fcoe

  match qos-group 1

which is the default for FCoE and I have 50% bandwidth assoicated with it.

policy-map type queuing

     class type queuing class-fcoe

       bandwidth percent 50

     class type queing someother class etc

The issue is the "class-fcoe" is a default class and there doesnt seem to be anywhere I can edit it to add the VOIP control traffic to the same class or can I just add it here:

class-map type queuing match any class-fcoe

  match qos-group 1

  match cos 3



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Nexus 5500 VoIP cos 3 and FCoE

afaik, this is not possible. we can match traffic with cos 3 in default drop class if we are not doing fcoe. but we cannot have both fcoe and voip traffic assigned to a no-drop class. is there a possibility to match on a different cos value for voip traffic? btw, your config statement about match cos 3 under queuing is not correct. we can only match on qos-group under queuing class map. If you want to just match cos 3 for voip, you will need to do it under class-map type qos. but as I mentioned before, if you also have fcoe traffic coming in... it will create problems when we have both voip and fcoe running.


Nexus 5500 VoIP cos 3 and FCoE


From the UCS 8 SRND

For instance, voice signaling traffic with L3 DSCP  value of CS3 is mapped to L2 CoS value of 3 by Nexus 1000V. All Fibre  Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic is marked with L2 CoS value of 3 by  Cisco UCS. When voice signaling and FCoE traffic enter the Cisco  UCS 6100 Fabric Interconnect Switch, both will carry a CoS value of 3.  In this situation voice signaling traffic will share queues and  scheduling with the Fibre Channel priority class and will be given  lossless behavior. (Fibre Channel priority class for CoS 3 in the  UCS 6100 Fabric Interconnect Switch does not imply that the class cannot  be shared with other types of traffic.)

This seems ti pmply you can run Call SIgnalling COS 3 in the same queueu as FCOE COS 3. I kow its talking about a 6100 fabric switch but thats very similar to a 5500.

Could I not do something like:

class-map type qos match-all voice-signal-global

   match-cos 3

policy-map type qos classify-global

   class voice-signal-global

      set qos-group 1

   class class-fcoe

      set qos-group 1

But then I cant see how to link this where we set the queuing bandwidth percentages as this uses the "class-fcoe"

policy-map type queuing global-fcoe-queuing-in

   class type queuing class-fcoe

      bandwidth percent 50

Could I create a class to replace "class-fcoe" and jsut match on qos-group 1 to define whats in it ?



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