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nexus 5K multicast oddity = bug?


I think I will start here before asking TAC.

The story including some necessary and extra detail:

We are spinning up a multicast application that multicasts to a set of machines on a single VLAN.  The multicast mode is sparse-dense-mode.  The VLAN is defined on a pair of 6509 SUP 720VSS 10G switches and the VLANs run HSRP.  For a proof of concept, the server is a laptop.  When we connect the laptop to a 3750 switch the multicast stream work properly. The recipients of multicast streams are all on 3750 switchgear.

To migrate this into a production virtualized environment, I created a new server within vmware and the vm servers live in our datacenter on a pair of N5K+FEX running VPC.  The created guest exhibited an odd delay after 45-60 minutes of steaming a multicast image: the rates dropped from 200Mbit -> 1.6Mbit for hours.

To simplify, I moved the laptop into the datacenter and placed it on a single port (non-VPC) and tested the stream as it was in the first test.  It also exhibited the same delay after 45-60 minutes of streaming.

I can not think of any timers to change but the odd thing is the repeatability of the failure.

If anyone else has seen this or can offer some direction on debugs, I am all for it.


josh richard

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