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Nexus 7010 port-channel to ESXi host running on Dell 910 and 810

Was wondering has anyone had any experience with configuring a port-channel going back to ESXi host. My basic config is below. My issue is with what to put in the spanning-tree port type. Do I use normal, edge, network, or edge trunk?? Yes I have read most of the documentation out there but am just a lil confused. I just wanna be right.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for the Vswitch config as well that would be much appreciated.

int PO 201

desc 01_6-1

switchport mode trunk

  switchport access vlan 99

  switchport trunk native vlan 777

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 220,300,310,320-321,350,390-391

  switchport trunk allowed vlan add 420,777

  spanning-tree port type normal (what should go here)

  speed auto

  medium p2p

  no shutdown


int e8/11

desc 01_6-1

channel-group 201 force


int e10/11

desc 01_6-1

channel-group 201 force

Thanks Guys

Amit Singh
Cisco Employee

It should be " Spanning-tree port type edge trunk "

If you are doing a port-channel to ESX, I would put the mode "ON".



Sam and Amit,

Can I make the change without causeing an outage?

Spanning-tree port type edge trunk

Also does anyone have V-switch config

Well, if you change the spanning port type, there will be a slight disruption but port will transition to forwarding immediately so you could have a few pings timeout. This will be fairly quick though.


There is no specific V-switch config that someone can provide. I dont know that process. As far as you have the uplink ports defined and your VM's connect to the " port-group", that all should work fine.

Sam Byers

Short answer: You could use spanning tree port type edge (trunk; if it's going to be a trunk). The vswitch isn't really a switch, it doesn't participate in spanning tree, so it's fine to make it an edge port.

In my experience, many VMware guys don't like port channels as much as the other more host-centric NIC teaming methods. I think this has to do with ESX having a less than stellar implementation of etherchannel/LACP early on.

Have you seen this doc already? I know the Cisco example is for Catalyst, but the ESXi config should apply.

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