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OTV Design issues

I currently have one main site and one DR site.  I have two separate provider links connecting the main site to the provider site which are L2 links.  At the main site I have two nexus 7009 (NX-OS6.0) and at DR one nexus 7009 (NX-OS6.0)  I am trying to leverage OTV so I can have the VLANs extended across both links in a redundant fasion.

Each N7k has a "main VDC" where all my interfaces and VLANs as a core site and a "OTV VDC"

The provider links sit on routed ports beteen the OTV VDCs like this

1. main site sw1-OTV VDC---Provider1---DR site sw1 OTV VDC

2. main site sw2-OTV VDC---Provider2---DR site sw1 OTV VDC

#1 works fine VLANs extended and the whole nine yards.  I went to implement #2 by extending the Site vlan at the main site only from switch #1 to switch #2 and then build the same overlay interface with the same control group and data group extending the same vlans at switch one. 

The problem is when I hop over to DR and create a second overlay interface joining the second provider link I realized that I am a newbie in OTV.  I could not extend the same vlans controlgroup and data group within the same OTV VDC. 

My question is what is the best way to achieve redundnancy in this configuration.  Should I build a OTV #2 VDC in DR and move the second provider link to it so it looks like site one? 

I read this:

And I am note sure how you would form OSPF between DR and Mains site through the main VDC?  Shouldn't Adjacenies be formed through OTV like the switches are L2 adjacent that way? 

In a nutshell I want to bridge the "Core VDCs" at the main site to the "Core VDC" at the DR site OTV over redundnant provider links.

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Hi,is it working now ? From


is it working now ? From the config perspective its seems fine. There could be problem with multicat with provider 2 (not suppoted service). Please check with service provider - issue can be resolved.

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You would need to create

You would need to create another OTV VDC at DR site and have the trunks carry the same exended Vlans to the OTV VDC 2.

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