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QoS Statistics on Nexus

I am looking for more detailed qos statistics on the Nexus switches.

Here is what I have found: "qos statistics" used to enable statistics, this is enabled by default.  What I don't find is the display of any detailed statistics showing total packets matched in each queue.  Is this information available somewhere and I simply am not using the correct command to display?

"show interface ex/y" shows the normal input and output

"show policy-map interface ex/y" shows:

  Service-policy (queuing) input:   default-4q-8e-in-policy

    Class-map (queuing):   2q4t-8e-in-q1 (match-any)
      queue-limit percent 10
      bandwidth percent 50
      queue dropped pkts : 3883

    Class-map (queuing):   2q4t-8e-in-q-default (match-any)
      queue-limit percent 90
      bandwidth percent 50
      queue dropped pkts : 16194

  Service-policy (queuing) output:   default-4q-8e-out-policy

    Class-map (queuing):   1p3q1t-8e-out-pq1 (match-any)
      priority level 1
      queue dropped pkts : 158844

    Class-map (queuing):   1p3q1t-8e-out-q2 (match-any)
      bandwidth remaining percent 33
      queue dropped pkts : 0

    Class-map (queuing):   1p3q1t-8e-out-q3 (match-any)
      bandwidth remaining percent 33
      queue dropped pkts : 0

    Class-map (queuing):   1p3q1t-8e-out-q-default (match-any)
      bandwidth remaining percent 33
      queue dropped pkts : 856611

It is good to know that some packets are being dropped, but out of how many total packets?  Is the drop percentage 50% or 1%, if i want to change the policy it would be good information have as to how many packets are being matched in each queue.  What am I missing?

"show queuing interface ex/y" shows:

Egress Queuing for Ethernet1/1 [System]
Template: 4Q8E
Que# Group Bandwidth% PrioLevel Shape%     CoSMap
   0     0          -      High      -        5-7
   1     1         33         -      -        3-4
   2     2         33         -      -          2
   3     3         33         -      -        0-1

Ingress Queuing for Ethernet1/1 [System]
Trust: Trusted
DSCP to Ingress Queue : Disabled
Que# Group Qlimit% IVL      CoSMap
   0     1      90   0         0-4
   1     0      10   5         5-7

Nothing that I didn't already discover from the show policy-map command.

Thanks for any information you can provide.


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