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vPC in different 5548 Nexus

Hello all,

Here is the deal:

We have a Live DELL Enclosure with two LACP bundles in Active-Active (two links each) going uplink to a pair of N5K.

Each LACP is connected to both N5K (one cable to each Nexus) forming a vPC.

Let me outline that there is no direct connection to N5Ks but via FEXes. Each FEX is connected to one N5K

Please see attached

We need to change all for uplinks of the enclosure and connect them to a different pair of FEXes. The problem is that these pair is not connected to the same N5K pair, but to a NEW N5K pair! (all four N5K devices are connected to one N7K pair)

Have anyone implement this? Can we transfer the four Cables one by one? Or tranfer both LACP memebers, wait and then transfer the other LACP bundle?

I suppose both ways do not imply a danger for the whole network. Do you agree?

I think that the question is only whether we will have Enclosure outage or not!

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