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vxlan l3 gateway only on N7K supported?

Hi, I was able to setup an L3 VXLAN GW only on N7K, but as per documentation: seems NOT to be supported, can anyone clarify:

Any idea? should i put the VNI to VSI encap (I dont have any L2 interfaces facing underlay network!)? Should i put that and create the vlans even i dont have any port?

  1. If the switch that runs the Layer 3 gateway functionality does not run Layer 2 gateway functionality, that is, participates in the data plane learning, it has to flood the post-routed packet to all Layer 2 gateways through the multicast tree.

  2. If the switch runs Layer 3 gateway and Layer 2 gateway functionality, the switch can resolve the destination VTEP at the Layer 2 level, and can forward the packet to the correct VTEP by itself.

Since Layer 2 gateway and Layer 3 gateway functionalities are tightly integrated from the configuration perspective (Layer 3 gateway is achieved by configuring the BDIs for bridge-domains corresponding to the VNIs), case (1) will not be applicable in the Cisco Nexus 7000, and only case (2) is supported.

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