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3 Takeaways from Small Cells Americas


“Yeeeeha!” was the opening line as Gordon Mansfield, Chair of the Small Cell Forum, welcomed attendees to the 6th Annual Small Cells Americas Event in Dallas, Texas last week.  This year’s conference has grown drastically since last year, with more operators, partners, vendors and attendees then ever before. Cisco was a Diamond Sponsor, and was able to participate in some exciting keynote speaking slots and panel sessions. Three phrases were repeated in almost every single session, both days: Small Cells, Wi-Fi, and LTE.

There were 3 takeaways from the conference that I would like to share include:

     1) Market Opportunity for deploying Small Cells in Enterprises

    • Teresa McEneny, Director of Global Sales, presented a keynote discussing the challenges in enterprises and how this is an opportunity for operators to leverage small cell technology
    • Gordon Mansfield also announced the launch of the Small Cell Forum’s Release 2, a major technical and business case release to help operators unlock the commercial potential of small cell deployments in the enterprise.

     2) Small Cells & Wi-Fi and how they can work together

    • Mark Grayson, a Cisco Distinguished Engineer, discussed the opportunity of Small Cells and Wi-Fi for the future, showing the progression of  Wi-Fi and small cell convergence

     3) LTE Small Cells and beyond

    • Discussion around the future of LTE and how the industry sees LTE and Wi-Fi to be interchangeable was brought up multiple times during the event

This event was a great wrap up of the new challenges, solutions and future findings of small cells. 2014 and beyond looks like a very busy year for Operators around the world!


Teresa McEneny, Director of Global Small Cells Sales at Cisco, presenting Overcoming Small Cell Challenges in the Enterprise

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