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A Smartphone App Will Save My Thanksgiving Dinner


For a large majority of the world, cooking is simple, fun, even easy some would say. I, sadly, am not part of that large majority - I like to think I represent the less talented cooks that exists out there who are familiar to the smell of burnt food. I am sure as you are reading this far you are thinking, "Why am I reading about a stranger's lack of cooking skills in a Mobility Community space?". To answer that question, it is because a smartphone app will save my Thanksgiving Dinner (and potentially my house). This app, which I have grown to love is called Turkey Timer. According to this app, you:

                                   "Enter the weight of your turkey, whether it's stuffed, your desired internal temperature,

                                    and whether you plan to baste the turkey.    Using algorithms based on top cookbook

                                    instructions, TurkeyTimer will track the approximate brownness of your turkey, the

                                    approximate internal temperature of your turkey, and about how long it will be until

                                    you can take the turkey out of the oven."


       Hopefully my future Turkey     

Maybe I am too easily amazed, but if you told me ten years ago that I would be using a phone device to help me cook dinner, I probably would've bet you $100 that would not be the case and run off with my phone and play Snake, the only thing it was capable of other than dialing a number. With mobile devices so readily available and, for me personally, becoming such an everyday reference, I can't help but wonder who thinks of these genius apps for smart phones that I suddenly can't live without. Cooking should be fun and easy-going, just like the Holidays and thanks to smartphone apps, I am one step closer to becoming a master chef! .. well, maybe not that close. But I'm about 82.137% more confident that I won't be burning any turkeys this year for Thanksgiving!

Coming Up

Look forward to more blog posts relating the two things I love: Technology and the Holidays.

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1 Comment

I'm pleased to hear that technology can offer hope for us cooking-challenged. Despite all the hours watching Food Network, I still am better at watching someone else cook than doing it myself. It's not at all relaxing like so many say.  Let me know when the next mobile app comes out - one that let's me smell and taste the recipe (although that conjurs up some not-so-good images).

Have a great holiday everyone, and remember it's not the food or the gifts, it's the people you annoy that's most important.