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Amdocs B2B Solution: give customers what they want


Have you ever incurred an incident where your child has become lost and needed help? How many times has this issue croamdocs_logo[1].jpgssed every parents mind as they wait for sons or daughters to come home or receive a phone call to hear; I’m okay?

Amdocs has just this scenario in mind when creating CRM solutions which marry broadband, mobile, GPS, and IPTV technologies which interface in giving real time convergence for service providers in solving real life problems.


1. Dad is watching TV and sets caller display to (Do Not Disturb) unless a family member calls.

2. Megan his 16 year old daughter calls from her mobile phone, the TV shows she is calling and gives a prompt to pause live TV

3. Dad uses TV remote to answer call and speaks to Megan via the TV conference service

4. Megan says she is lost and can Dad pick her up

5. Dad uses the TV remote to select the “Find Me” application which use the GPS capability of Megan’s mobile phone to show her location of a Google map

Amdocs has successfully integrated B2B solutions for service providers to offer customers what they want, when they want it. And this is just the “tip of the iceberg” with the kind of solutions Amdocs has in store for companies wanting to capture the (Quad-Play), keeping customers from migrating elsewhere to get that encompassing all-in-one service. This is the challenge going forward and Amdocs offers the solution.

Subscriber Data Management


Marrying CM-RM-OSS solutions in a virtual directory employing synchronized and up to date configuration data serving the jNETX, (Communications and Commerce) system Amdocs provides Tru-2Way, EBIF, and Yahoo Widgets with Voice CMS-Calling name server- Set-Top-Box to offer a true in-ho

me communications experience that is TV enabled. It combines third party configurations through Voice Switch-Presence Server-HLM to complete the external communications.

Use of Multi-Platform Recommendation Engine

• Interconnected TV o Yahoo Widgets

• STB based DTV

     o Tru2Way EPG

     o EBIIF EPG

• Smart Phone

• PC Web Browser

Value Proposition By combining subscriber data management and cross-platform personalization, Amdocs establishes the critical infrastructure to build integrated customer experiences while leverage existing investments, and provide consistent recommendations across multiple platforms. To realize a better recommendation hit ratio, multi-platform usage improves the accuracy of subscriber preferences resulting in a greater number of impulse purchases while improving the accuracy of addressable advertising subscriber data.

Success in the Connected World

It cannot be denied, there is a march to a connected world where both business and consumers will be interacting together with superior technologies and applications that were little more than a dream ten years ago.

Amdocs wants to increase the speed at which these services reach the market by helping service providers to:

Expand Faster by connecting emerging devices while penetrating new industry verticals

Drive Experience so customers will live a truly connected life across devices, networks, screens and services

Run Leaner by building cost-efficient business and technical environments that can bring change quickly to on-board new partners while remaining manageable and controlled


Amdocs is an Open Systems company which is investing the future of the Pay TV industry while innovating to increase the speed of convergence The point to be made is that service providers will need to upgrade their legacy systems to compete in the (war of the brands) for the total customer experience. Brand names will outstrip incumbents in the race for an increasingly hungry one-stop shop consumer. A continuing consolidation of markets will result in fewer but larger players who are well funded while an increasingly regulatory environment will begin appear.

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