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An IOS-XR Journey in Cisco Live Europe 2014


Video: An Invitation to Cisco Live 2014, Milan

Travelling to Milan this week (Jan 27-31) and joining us for Cisco Live Europe 2014? Don’t know which sessions to attend? Want to dig or simply discover the IOS-XR world and the respective Cisco platforms?

Check out my Cisco Live Europe 2014 session recommendation and join me for an exciting IOS-XR journey.

IOS-XR Overview and Hands-on Configuration

New to the IOS-XR world? Discover our NGN Operating System designed for high-level of scalability, reliability, resiliency and modularity. This session will include an overview of IOS-XR software architecture covering routing components and other key system monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities (LPTS, Memory/CPU Usage, interface utilization, debug/trace features). More importantly, play and interact with the system through the dedicated IOS-XR hands-on! Get familiar with the CLI syntax, configure a variety of features, and become an IOS-XR rock star.

Advanced - IOS-XR Troubleshooting Concepts - BRKSPG-3333

Already comfortable with IOS-XR but willing to dig deeper? Join this session and expand your IOS-XR troubleshooting skills. This session will cover CRS and ASR9000 platforms and will focus on IGP (OSPF, ISIS), Multicast , MPLS , BGP, L2VPN and L3VPN services.

Cisco Service Provider Core Evolution

How to scale up to petabyte forwarding?  NCS, CRS-X and Next Generation IP+Optical: we know how. Join us and learn Cisco’s core innovations to power the Internet of Everything. This session will detail how Cisco built an unmatched single system purpose built to work together and scale.

Deploying Carrier Ethernet Services on ASR 9000 - BRKSPG-2202

EFP, L2VPN, IRB, EOAM: What is Carrier Ethernet and why/how to implement it on ASR 9000? Find the answers in this session and discover best practices and special features that make the ASR9000 an ideal platform for such services and features deployment.

Advanced - DDoS Mitigation Deployment: Impact on your Architecture - BRKSPG- 3335

This session will show how Arbor Threat Management System (TMS) software running on the Cisco CRS CGSE service card is able to effectively prevent network traffic from being interrupted by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Especially, the presentation will go through the detailed description of numerous use-cases and address design approaches.

Advanced - Carrier Grade NAT44 on IOS-XR Deployment Experience – BRKSPG-3334

Carrier Grade NAT enables Service Providers to migrate to IPv6 while continuing to support existing IPv4 devices and content. This session will cover the configuration and troubleshooting of a CGN service on CRS and ASR9000, including: technology, design, sizing rules and monitoring of the solution. A large section will be dedicated to the routing impact and consideration behind the CGN insertion, through the study of many use-cases based on real-life deployments.


Wow! This looks promising and I can’t wait to hear your feedback after this XR-flavored Italian trip. Can’t attend Cisco Live Europe? All those sessions are available online on the Cisco Live Milan website.

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