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Applications: Feeding Our "Now" in Our Modern World


Mobile.  It is not the future. Mobile is now.

With the immediacy of now, comes the expectation of “more”; as we, as a culture are, never quite satisfied with that which we have.  Not only as a people living in various cultured societies, but also a business culture, we are continually in search of “more”, “better”, etc.  And with the innovation of mobile, we have found our faucet.

The flow of audience and customer needs and gaps are seemingly endless, but at the current time, one innovation stands clearly and puritanically necessary; applications.

Applications, the visual icon, that made the UI the most important aspect of the device-dashboard. Applications, the one-click, ease-of-use which engages even the most luddite of mobile owners.

The simple hieroglyphic concept of a single-click, representative of a URL, to a gateway of imagination is genius. Often taken for granted now, as de rigueur on our devices, and soon to be just as common-place on iptv connected, hybrid-tv’s, is the visual association and the personalization of just such an innovation. Each device owner and user, has his own frequented applications; defining a footprint of their “now” self. As times change, and interests change, so does one’s applications. Fascinating.

Applications are a window into who we are, what we need, and that which is important to us, as a person and as a society.  They are also a testament to our modern culture of immediate gratification.  A gratification that needs to be fed; fed so frequently that it has turned into an Industry.  With that new industry has come a new market and new business. Such is the wonderful cycle innovation…and all other markets and industries have recognized its value to the audience and its current mainstay-power.

Smarthphone, dumbphone, iptv, hybrid-tv, connected home …  imagine our world, our devices, our day … without applications … no thank you.

... @MsMobileConverg

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