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AsiaPac Tour: Kuala Lumpur, Day #2



Our own Angela Singhal-Whiteford is now in Kuala Lumpur to kick off her AsiaPac monetization tour with mobile operators. Her goal is to help them find ways to grow revenue and to get her fill of Asian cuisine. What's on the menu for today Angela?

"Actually had Laksa for breakfast  this morning. I cannot get enough of that curried soup. Squeezed in a little shopping (yes I bought about $500 worth of clothing for about $100.  What a deal!) and then headed to a lunch meeting with one of the other prominent mobile operators in Malaysia. One recommendation – don’t do sushi for a lunch business meeting.

We had a very interesting conversation around content developers and application providers. Right now the split between foreign applications/content and local content is about 90/10 ie. 90% /10%. This operator is trying to create incentives to have more local content developed and used by subscribers. One of things that they are doing is a sort of promotion stating that all local content based applications created over the next year, the content creator can keep 100% of the revenue generated.  This is unheard of.  Most operators will do a revenues share/spit with content creators.    It is very interesting and encouraging to see these types of efforts taking place.  I will be curious to see if Indian operators are doing something similar."

Did you miss Angela's pre-trip video blog ? Tune in for her next adventure coming soon.

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