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ASR9001 Unexpected CBC message received seen with 4.2.3

Cisco Employee

It appeared that some of the ASR9001 (1RU 9k units) may have left manufacturing without the proper FPD revisions.

Generally ASR9000 ships with the XR release selected and all the fpd's should have been brought up to the right revision levels belonging to that release.

Upon initial power-up and connection to the console port, some ASR9001 routers may write the following error message to the console at a very high rate (2X per second):

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Dec 22 00:29:51.211 : canb-server[150]: %PLATFORM-CANB_SERVER-3-MESSAGE_FAILED : Unexpected CBC message received from slot 0/RSP0/CPU0 [ver 22.113] for msg type 3, id 177, len 0

This will make it difficult to configure the router or issue any commands.

To resolve this, cut-and-paste this command:

admin upgrade hw-module fpd all loc all

A confirmation will appear. The error messages above will be interspersed with the output below.


  *  This upgrade operation has a maximum timout of 160 minutes.  *

  *  If you are executing the cmd for one specific location and  *

  *  card in that location reloads or goes down for some reason  *

  *  you can press CTRL-C to get back the RP's prompt.           *

  *  If you are executing the cmd for _all_ locations and a node *

  *  reloads or is down please allow other nodes to finish the   *

  *  upgrade process before pressing CTRL-C.                     *


  - The upgrade operation of the target module will not interrupt its normal

    operation. However, for the changes to take effect, the target module

    will need to be manually reloaded after the upgrade operation. This can

    be accomplished with the use of "hw-module <target> reload" command.

  - If automatic reload operation is desired after the upgrade, please use

    the "reload" option at the end of the upgrade command.

  - The output of "show hw-module fpd location" command will not display

    correct version information after the upgrade if the target module is

    not reloaded.

NOTE: Chassis CLI will not be accessible while upgrade is in progress.

Continue? [confirm]

Hit enter again to begin the upgrade. Do this even if you do not clearly see the "continue?" prompt.

Notice that you may not see the above message very clearly because there will be error messages interspersed.

This upgrade may take as long as 60 minutes.  After it completes reload the router. The messages should cease.

To confirm that all the firmware is up to date, use this command:

admin show hw-module fpd loc all

In the far right column with header “DNG?” you should see “No” for each row. This indicates that no firmware requires an upgrade.

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