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Cisco at Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Conference: Mobility is Taking Over the World


By: Andrea Daley

Several members of the Cisco SP Mobility team set out this week to divide and conquer in California, with activities at Cisco Live in San Diego and the NGMN Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco. The ASR 5500 launch on June 6 had CNN likening Cisco to an 800-pound gorilla, a market leader that many other players in the industry tend to follow. To keep our momentum rolling from these latest reports, we looked to continue to deliver the Cisco mobility message at all of our networking events up and down the coast.

I was slated with Norcal representation, which comes naturally to me as a Bay Area native.  As it turns out, locals were few and far between, with the majority of speakers and participants alike coming in from overseas. The NGMN alliance is a Germany-based telecom industry organization that focuses on technology matters for the next generation of mobile networks.  They partner with operators, vendors and research institutes to further develop the requirements for future mobile broadband networks.  The NGMN Conference occurs every two years and serves as a platform to explore the latest status of LTE network deployment and operation, and to review the upcoming network and device trends. 

An unswerving consensus at the conference this year is that the near future holds a huge challenge for mobile operators and vendors with the impending proliferation of devices and data traffic. VP of Service Provider Strategy Thierry Maupile kicked off the event, conveying the New Normal message. He reinforced that we recognize that the world we live in has changed.  The latest release of the Mobile VNI Forecast affirms that annual global mobile data traffic will increase 18-fold 2011 to 2016. The explosion of applications, the BYOD phenomenon, and the increase in M2M communications are some of the main components in this new normal. 

A keynote by CTO for Service Provider Paul Mankiewich further elucidated this point.  “In my opinion, which I’m very happy with, mobility is taking over the world,” Mankiewich proclaimed in his morning address to the attendees.  He touched on Cisco’s innovation in this space for the SP customer with the expansion of the ASR 5000 series for a more flexible architecture.  This elasticity helps enable network resources to be available exactly when they are needed, which is truly what we all want as consumers. 

The overall feedback from attendees has been positive, seeing the NGMN event as a good opportunity to gain insight from CTOs and network planners discussing the future of mobility.  It’s not often that being called an 800-pound gorilla carries a positive connotation, but from the sounds of it, we can’t wait for King Kong Cisco to put on more weight.

To learn more about the conversations at NGMN, watch this video featuring Murali Nemani, Sr. Director, Mobility Solutions Marketing at Cisco:

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