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Cisco at Small Cells Americas: Key Takeaways


This year, the Small Cell Forum had their 5th annual  Small Cells Americas conference in Dallas, and it was packed with key operators vendors and partners. Cisco’s presence at the event included a keynote Monetize Your Network by Offering Location Based Services to Your Subscribers by Cisco’s Teresa McEneny, Director, Mobile Internet.

Teresa McEneny’s keynote shifted the conversation at the event from how the explosion of mobile data usage is increasing the need for small cells to monetization opportunities for operators deploying small cells. She delved into how operators can take advantage of different monetization opportunities using Wi-Fi to create a more personalized and customized experience for the end user, but also allow operators to monetize. With Cisco’s recent Connected Mobile Experience Launch , McEneny showed two perspectives on how Wi-Fi technology can be leveraged in different industries and  provide new experiences. She took all the attendees through the new app experience at Fernbank Museum of Natural History , showing what it is like for an end user who is connected on AT&T’S Wi-Fi at the museum. Explore a museum as an end user, SP or Enterprise customer here. Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine can triangulate the location of the user's mobile device and provide a more enhanced experience with indoor mapping. Along with this, location based services can be pushed to provide an end user a more customized experience, for example, a 10% off coupon at the Museum Store. She also explained the benefits from a business operations perspective - how at Copenhagen Airport, using both Cisco and SITA’s technology, the airport staff can view analytics of the airport foot traffic and provide additional resources to areas of need within the airport, thus leading to increased operational efficiency. She concluded her conversation stating that if we are able to do this on the unlicensed small cell side, think of the possibilities with licensed small cells.

Along with Teresa’s keynote, other hot topics included conversations around different operator’s plans to launch LTE and small cells and how partners and vendors plan to support these technologies. The packed conference and interesting keynotes left the attendees with the thought that big things are definitely happening with Small Cells. 

Watch this short video on how AT&T and Cisco brought the past to life at Fernbank Museum

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