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Cisco Goes Soft


I think my daughter was about five years old when she first asked me what I did at work.  I told her I helped to sell "big boxes".  This was very cool to her considering that until that point her favorite gift of all time was the large box her doll house came in.  And in truth, I've always considered my self a "box guy", with an affection and affinity for hardware throughout my career in telecom.  But given today's announcement, I may have to rethink my loyalties. 

As most of you probably know, Cisco has been on a bit of a shopping spree lately, buying up a number of companies in the network management software space.  What's less well known is that Cisco has also been developing and deploying its own policy and analytics tools for a number of years.  So the question has arisen over the past few months: How is this all going to fit and work together? 

The answer was provided today in the announcement of Cisco's Quantum software suite.  Actually Quantum is a suite of suites, with multiple capabilities grouped logically into targeted bundles that service providers can purchase and deploy as needed.   The Quantum portfolio currently includes:

These software suites provide the tools operators need to successfully harvest and utilize the vast amount of network and user intelligence within the mobile network.  This intelligence is the key to successful network and service optimization and monetization.  And when applied correctly and consistently, can deliver enhanced and personalized mobile services that will improve customer satisfaction, attraction, and retention -- the true goal of all service providers. 

I'm excited about these new tools and the benefits they'll deliver to our customers.  Maybe not quite as excited as my daughter was with her new box (I'm still trying to find the receipt for that doll house), but I'm definitely rethinking my box bias.  This stuff is pretty cool. 

As always, to learn more about these and all the great solutions Cisco provides mobile operators, go to

Thank for reading.


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