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Clearwire & Innovation Network in Bay Area


This past weekend I had the chance to attend an elementary school fundraiser. It was an interesting mix of corporate sponsors; ranging from the San Francisco 49ers, to local real estate agents, to the mobile broadband provider Clearwire.  All participants were there to give back to a local Bay Area school in Santa Clara, CA.

The event was packed with young families that work at companies like Intel, Oracle, Google, and Yahoo, as well as lesser-known small start-ups.  As a resident of the community, I attended this event and learned a lot about Clearwire initiatives. Clearwire has been deploying commercial 4G networks all over the country, and is expected to have 2 million customers by the end of 2010. Clearwire’s network currently spans geographies that house over 120 million people.

What was interesting to discover is that in the SF Bay Area have created something quite unique. Clearwire has created what they call “The Innovation Network,” where developers can use the CLEAR 4G network to try out newly built applications for the mobile Internet. The kicker is that they have speeds up to 4x faster than 3G!

As the Cisco Visual Networking Index has projected, Mobile data traffic will roughly double each year from 2008 through 2013. Smart phones and laptop air cards are expected to drive more than 90 percent of global mobile traffic by 2014.

According to Clearwire General Manager of the SF Bay Area Sean Reid, The Innovation Network is available at no service cost, you only need to purchase an approved CLEAR 4G Modem or use a laptop with an embedded Intel Chip. Reid says they will be coming to the Bay Area with a commercial service with coverage throughout the Bay Area by the beginning of next year.

To check out Clearwire’s latest innovation offerings go here:

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