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CSM 3.5 is now released

Cisco Employee

CSM version 3.5 is now available with new platform support and some new interesting functionality!!


Additional Platforms

ASR1K – consolidated software upgrade mode

XR12K –  End to end software management with CCO software download

NCS6K –  Support eXR package installation

NCS1001 - Support NCS1001 package installation

FPD upgrade

Support FPD upgrade on cXR and eXR

Support line card and ftp type upgrades – only via REST API

Satellite Software Upgrade

Support satellite upgrade on cXR

Support selective satellite upgrades

Software Profile Policing

Support host software profile policing – SMU/Software can only be added if it is defined in the host software profile

Install Rollback

                Rollback to the last committed installation point

Bug Fixes

o    Fix for Exception got <type NoneType> (None) as pattern, must be one of: <type basestring>, pexpect.EOF, pexpect.TIMEOUT

o    Authentication failure after reconnect fixed

o    Mode not detected properly when empty prompt

o    Move to authentication phase if CONFIGURATION_COMPLETED not received in 1200s

o    Hide password in log

o    Disconnect added to a_standby_console

o    Connection timeout detection fixed

o    Fixing prompt detection issue (handling disconnect during prompt detection)

o    Changing the family for NCS-540 from NCS5500 to NCS540

o    User configuration merging properly with default

o    Increased the max transition in FSM to handle ascii art banners in telnet

o    Increased timeout for SYSTEM CONFIGURATION COMPLETED state