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CSM2.0 not able to retrieve smu list starting August 2017 (how to resolve)

Cisco Employee

Cisco Software Manager (CSM) v2.0 is not able to retrieve platforms and releases information from

Problem: no longer accepts HTTP protocol when querying platforms and releases information.  All queries must use the secure HTTPS protocol.

Symptom: When CSM v2.0 is open, it displays the following error message 

‘Unable to retrieve platforms and releases information from  Close this Tab, check the Internet connection, and re-open the Tab.’

Workaround:  Use a text editor to include this entry in csm.ini (Windows) or .csmrc (UNIX or MAC) file



On Windows: The csm.ini file resides in the c:\Users\<username> or c:\Documents and Settings\<username> directory

On UNIX/MAC: The .csmrc file resides in the user home directory (i.e. cd ~)


NOTE: CSM v2.0 (Java client application) is an End-of-Life product.  There is no planned development.  Customers are advised to migrate to CSM Server v3.4. CSM Server is a web application with centralized user authentication and database which provides end-to-end software management for IOS-XR devices.  CSM v3.4 can be downloaded at

Once download, unzip the file and follow the install_guide.pdf under the csm directory for installation instructions

or send us a note and we can provide a pre-installed OVA.

CSM Server Youtube Videos: 

1)       Overview


2)       Getting Started

Please send question to regarding CSM Server.

xander & CSM team!

Cisco Employee

Thanks Xander shared! That reolsved my issue.

Cisco Employee

Thanks a lot. This is really helpful


 Thank you so much! 

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