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Everything You Wanted to Know About Mobile Networks Policy


According to the Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI ), by 2015, there will be over 5 billion wireless consumer devices and 400 million mobile-only Internet users with global mobile data traffic growing to over 3.6 exabytes per month. Growing mobile data demand caused by the huge growth of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is continuing to drive the evolution of mobile networks worldwide.  If not properly managed and monetized, this growth in traffic will outpace growth in revenues. Intelligence, scalability, reliability, and service enablement are all key factors in helping mobile operators not only control this huge wave of mobile data, but also launch new, revenue-generating services.

Service providers are under pressure to reduce data delivery costs and simplify network operations, while increasing revenue opportunities.  Network evolutions, advanced mobile devices, and unlimited data plans are increasing the costs of managing this surge of mobile data traffic.  The signaling and control plane impact will likely be even larger than the bearer plane therefore significantly affecting policy – which becomes instrumental in making money and therefore becomes mission critical. 

This brings us to the question-- Is your policy solution ready to handle this mobile broadband data explosion?

That’s why Cisco introduced next  generation Cisco Policy and Charging Control Solution with the insertion of our Cisco Policy and Control Rules Function (PCRF ) that addresses the performance, reliability, and scalability challenges of mobile networks as an enhancement to the Cisco M.O.VE (Monetization, Optimization, Video Experience) strategic framework ,

To learn more about Policy and Charging Control solutions, listen to the Webcast: "Everything You Wanted to Know About Policy in Mobile Networks."

We'd like to hear more of your thoughts and comments regarding mobile networks policy. Please leave your feedback below.

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