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Expectations for Mobile World Congress 2012


By: Giovanni Fruscio

I plan to attend the Mobile World Congress this year with the objective to capture the key innovations in the mobility market.

LTE standardization had, first, the objective to lower Total Cost of Ownership of Mobile Networks, thus allowing for Voice and Messaging business to be sustainable over time and, in the meantime, to expand the “pipe” in the wireless access. The latter would allow to support new applications, that is to open the opportunity for the Operators of new revenue streams and for the end users to experience an improved quality, speed and responsiveness of the applications they access.

This will not necessarily mean that the Killer application for LTE is there in front of your eyes, being it convergence, video or, possibly, Desktop Virtualization.

Thus, service creation and monetization will be king from my perspective, as Mobile Service Providers for the first time see declining SMS and voice services revenues in favor of Social Networking, Video and Mobile Cloud. Unfortunately, all of these new revenues streams are originated by Over the Top Players like Social Networks, Youtube and, recently, by iCloud.

All of these concepts are not new to Service Providers, but implementations and real efforts to deliver efficiently and monetize these applications, like cloud backup and synchronization, were lacking. As a result, some Service Providers are now partnering with OTT to deliver value to end users, while some others are thinking to create Apps and Premium Video Services on their own and compete in this space.

From my perspective, mobility will mean more and more any service on any device and LTE could open new frontiers for experiencing the advantages of a broadband connection over mobile devices. The key for the implementation of the concept will be to abstract the personal and professional profiles from the device itself and this is the major benefit the Service Provider can deliver to the end user. In particular, the SP can store the profile in a central secure location, and the whole data is kept there regardless of whether it's being used a Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile phone over LTE or WiFi, to access the Desktop environment and regardless of what happens to the device be it broken or stolen. No data or session will be lost.

And this is what I expect to see this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I will be posting more blog posts from MWC so stay tuned!

For those attending, please visit us at Hall 8 Stand A111.

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