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Experiences from a MWC Newbie


Above: Watch a highlights video of Cisco at Mobile World Congress 2013

Many people told me that Mobile World Congress is a show that is nothing like any other show. So I went in with pretty high expectations, but MWC 2013 blew those expectations out of the water. With over 70,000 attendees, the show floor was packed with people running from booth to booth trying to see what new mobile innovations were being announced. With over 8 pavilions filled with thousands of companies, every square inch was consumed with chatter.

Everyone warned me saying I should make sure to wear comfortable shoes, and I quickly realized why. The Cisco Booth was packed each day with customers and leaders from the mobile industry meeting with Cisco Subject Matter Experts and Executives to learn about new business and network innovations Cisco had to offer. Each day the booth was filled with people on their feet with adrenaline and excitement, and words such as mobile, devices, monetization, small cells, virtualization and future were always in the air. 

I had the fortunate experience of presenting our SP Wi-Fi Monetization Tech Demo to our Service Provider customers.  In this demo we were able to have a personal discussion with customers, as we demonstrated the business/monetization value of our SP Wi-Fi Network architecture. We were able to show how Service Providers can both enhance the experience of the mobile shopper through customization on the device and create monetization opportunities through Location Based Analytics when the shopper is in a location with Cisco’s SP Wi-Fi Technology.  Being able to present to the business decision makers of our customers was such an experience. It was great to see how receptive our customers were to our new business models and solutions we were able to provide. Along with this demo, there were 3 other demo rooms filled with new innovations such as IoE Virtualization, Data-In-Motion, and Cisco’s Quantum Suite.

Looking back, we got through 1000 meetings in three and a half days, not a surprise since I can only remember our booth being filled with people.  Overall MWC was an amazing experience and a very successful show for Cisco.  That week in Barcelona went by very fast, but I am already looking forward to planning for MWC 2014!

Check out some pictures from the show below:

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