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Industry Demand calls for speedy approval of FCC’s Wireless Spectrum recommendations



There is increasing demand from the Wireless Sector that opening new spectrum, as championed by the FCC, would speed application roll-outs for broadband in the immediate future. Mobile providers are clamoring to offer increasingly sophisticated applications to connect users with everything on a Mobile Internet.

The recent CTIA Wireless convention in Las Vegas purported a salivating by Mobile operators to upgrade their networks in anticipation of increased demand by consumers and businesses alike to expect newer and better applications from mobile devices.This continues to drive a tremendous need for additional spectrum for the Wireless Industry. See (Cellphone firms see big opportunity in wireless Internet)

Approval of additional spectrum critical

Without the speedy approval of additional spectrum for the wireless industry both new and innovative applications, speeds, and wireless access will suffer. In addition, new job creation for struggling and unemployed workers will not materialize. Sufficed to say, the approval of the proposed plan to reallocate needed spectrum from the broadcast industry to wireless is essential in keeping this sector of the economy growing and creating new jobs. See (Recommendation 17-National Broadband Plan)

Broadcasters failed to innovate and use needed spectrum

The broadcasting industry failed to use its existing spectrum to innovate its way out of a declining ad supported revenue market. As any entrepreneur will affirm, innovation, change, and speed to market are an integral part of the continual and fast changing dynamics within a competitive marketplace. The FCC has outlined plans to compensate the broadcasters for this spectrum, and it is now time to move forward. We can no longer wait and haggle over how spectrum should be used, or whether current owners have the right to sit on it. If anything, their dormant spectrum use should be considered abandoned.

Reward Opportunists

The key phrase is (seizing the opportunity). Our government must support and reward companies that seize the opportunity in creating new, innovative, and competitive products; companies that create a new niche market, or offer products which no other has contemplated; the Google’s, Cisco’s, Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and Apple’s of the world, just to mention a few. This is what our economy is all about. It is a mantra that creates new jobs and works to lower consumer prices. The FCC is on the right track in seeing a demand and moving to fill its needs.


Leonard - I completely agree with you on the criticality of the release of 120MHz of spectrum licenses currently controlled by TV broadcasters as proposed in the new National Broadband Plan.  I'm interested in HOW you see this coming about, and how quickly given the initial pushback from broadcasters?  They seem to be lawyering up and girding for battle rather than seeing the need for the greater good.  And mandate is a dirty word in DC right now . . .

Lisa, thanks for the great comment!

Keep in mind that broadcasters do not own the spectrum they are using, they were allocated free spectrum by the FCC. The industry is only using a fraction of the allocated spectrum needed to broadcast their signals, and are leasing some of that spectrum to other companies. Yes, they did give up the analog portion after the digital transition. The FCC has suggested a voluntary reclamation of spectrum from broadcasters along with compensation, which I might add is controversal in itself, since again, they do not own it. see (Copps on reclaiming broadcast spectrum) and (A Broadcast Spectrum Gold Mine)

However I think, as the NAB will do to defend the status quo; the Wireless industry has to update lawmakers on the merits of spectrum reallocation given the consumer demand, job creation, and innovative services that will result. Legislators are always thinking about re-election, and what their constituents believe is going help their districts. So a grassroots effort by the wireless industry to build legislative support is critical. This can certainly work to speed up the process if handled correctly.

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