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Join the Cisco Cloud Services (CCS) 24-hour Hackathon for Containers and Microservices


Learn, Innovate, and Propel

The use of microservices to rapidly deliver innovative and disruptive applications is a major trend among small, autonomous DevOps teams.  The CCS Hackathon gives you a chance to work with two popular microservices technologies:

Docker – a popular container technology for application packaging and distributing, is fast, efficient, and lets you build once, run anywhere.  More at
Nirmata – an application platform, integrated with CCS, that lets developers deliver and manage microservices. Nirmata decouples the application from the underlying infrastructure and uses Docker to deploy services instances based on your policy settings.  More at

With microservices, teams gain agility, empowerment, freedom, and trust.  Cisco Cloud Services (CCS) lets you build for any workload, support any hypervisor, and interoperate with any Cloud. Get ready to build and deploy  your next generation Web-Mobile, Cloud, and IoE applications on CCS.

Prizes include: $1000 first place team, $500 second place team, $250 third place team, $500 Community Choice team

To register for the Hackathon:

To register for the Hackathon Training:

For more information, visit the Hackathon site at :

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Has there been another container Hackathon since this?  Docker is becoming more and more mainstream, and it seems that more attention should be brought to containerization.

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