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LTE North America - Sizzling or Simmering?


By: Jonathan Morgan

I just returned from the LTE North America event in Dallas. I had to keep a low profile in the city being both a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan and a New England Patriots football fan. The Dallas faithful were not too happy with me.

The best line that summarizes the event was from the host Informa: “LTE in US is sizzling while it's simmering in the rest of the world.” All of the major U.S. operators presented at the event talking about either their LTE role outs or their plans moving forward. Keynotes from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint highlights the fact that LTE is here now! Even Google showed up to present their vision. 

LTE NA does not leave out the smaller North American operators. Cricket presented an interesting view on the need for the smaller players to band together to provide a 3rd national operator. They also discussed planning for the 50GB per month customer (across all access mechanisms – fixed, mobile,etc.). Metro PCS, Cellcom, US Cellularall had exciting visions of the migration of their networks to LTE and to other technologies. The need for Small Cells was clearly emphasized by both operators and vendors to address challenges with both Spectrum and physics. Other topics of interest included the growing area of Machine-to-Machine, policy control, devices, optimization, and QoS. 

The highlight of the event for me was seeing my colleague and friend Aeneas Dodd-Noble win the award for “Contribution to LTE Development (Individual Award).” Aeneas has been one of the key external partners for Verizon Wireless on their 4G Launch. I know when I need to know anything about LTE, Aeneas is the first person I think of. Aeneas has helped make the largest LTE deployment in the world successful. We congratulate him for this well deserved award.


                                                       Aeneas Dodd-Noble

From my own part, I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out for my presentation on “Deploying Voice and Video over LTE.” While the session was the last one of the first day, a great audience turned out to listen to the drivers and issues for migrating voice, video and messaging from a circuit environment to an all-IP environment. Visual communications is now an integral part of how users interact. My own son uses Xbox, Skype, and his Smartphone in a very interactive way to communicate – all over IP – without circuit switching. The Cisco solution enables both Circuit Switched Fallback and/or OneVoice/IMS based solutions. The focus on our solutions is not just voice, but the full suite of interactive communications services – thus V2oLTE (Voice and Video and Messaging).   

More Resources

Watch Jim O'Leary, SP Mobility Marketing, Cisco, speak with Aeneas Dodd-Noble as they discuss LTE deployment at Verizon Wireless and celebrate Aeneas's 2011 LTE NA Award (via Cisco SP360: Service Provider Blog).

Watch Jonathan Morgan in his webcast held on November 17, 2011 at 9:00am(PST) as he discussed V2oLTE, efficient migrations and optimization of deliveries.

Register now for a Voice and Video over LTE webcast on November 29, 2011 at 8am(PST), 11am(EST) to learn about key deployment strategies. Speakers will be Jonathan Morgan (Director, Product Marketing MITG, Cisco) and Dennis Fiore (Product Management, Mobile Internet Technology Group, Cisco).

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