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Migration to an All-IP Transport

Cisco Employee

Mobile network infrastructures are quickly evolving as mobile operators expand beyond voice to bring high-speed services available from IP networks and the Internet to subscribers. The result is the emergence of networks that are becoming mobile versions of the high-speed Internet or a “mobile Internet”. As the leader in IP networking, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help mobile operators deliver what some analysts predict will be a 100 fold increase in mobile data traffic by 2013.

(Cisco VNI studies:

IP RAN Migration2.jpg

One of the key areas in mobile networks is the Radio Access Network (RAN).   Mobile operators must dramatically reduce the cost per bit in their current backhaul solutions while providing transport for third generation (3G) technologies, the next wave of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies, and traditional technologies. The move to the all-IP RAN is the single largest infrastructure challenge facing mobile operators.

A group of folks at Cisco from around the world got together using Collaboration 2.0 tools, like Webex Connect, and have written a paper which explores the strategy recommended by Cisco for mobile operators to implement an IP RAN backhaul network that allows decoupling from the radio technology as they migrate to an all-IP RAN.

You can find this paper at:

Please download this and read it.  I’d very much like to hear back from you on what you think of our position.

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This may be a dumb question. When we wrote what is now RFC 1990 (PPP Multilink), we were thinking about T-1 and sub-T1 rates and making sure that voice was not impeded - let VoIP travel on the standard IPCP and fragment and reassemble other IP data on the multilink bundle. I suspect that's not what you're doing here.

If you are not running VoIP, what are you using multilink for? I would expect that for general IP services you would simply run equal cost multipath routing.

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