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Mobile Internet Access is Growing, Lets Take a Look


When I received my first cell phone, I used it for voice calls and playing the game Snake… the thought of having internet access at the palm of my hands was a wish I could only dream of.  Today, the idea of internet access everywhere IS the new normal. I actually find myself questioning people who do not have internet access on their mobile devices. This technology shift has turned into a lifestyle change for the world; an expectation of access to the internet at any time is always there.  Since the 2012 London Olympics have come to a close, a precedent has been set by this global event as to what the world expects in terms of technology. London had to step up their technological innovation around the city, inside and outside of the Olympic Park. A great example of this would be the free Wi-Fi set up at the London Underground tube stations around the city. According to an interesting T3 online article Wi-Fi Arrives at 40 London Underground Stations, Virgin Media, a service provider in London, set up access points in over 40 tube stations across London with Wi-Fi speeds that are faster than many people’s Wi-Fi at home.  This increase in demand for access to the internet feeds Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) which predicts mobile data traffic will increase 18 times by 2016. The need for access, any time any place is here to stay.

With that said, as people today continue to stay connected anywhere, anytime and on any device in both fixed, nomadic, and truly mobile situations, SPs need an intelligent network that can provide that quality experience we all want "on the go" while taking into consideration the potential changes in the mobile market. Watch this short video where we get to take a look at truth in numbers - numbers on the mobility market, where it's been and where it's going.

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