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Mobile Internet Iliad and Odyssey


About 25 years ago I joined my first "online community” at NASA where scientists, engineers, and research fellows from countries around the world came together to better understand the mobility of life in our universe. We were exploring a fundamental question of mobility – What conditions are necessary to sustain life (as we understand it today) while moving from one place in the universe to another.

During that exploration, it was a thrill to experience how much more effective collaboration became amongst colleagues when peers at NCSA gave us that wonderful application called Mosaic (first web browser I used). The power and convenience of hyperlinks to instantly jump between reference documents was revolutionary. Soon after, peers who believed this revolutionary approach to collaboration had broad commercial market potential went to start Netscape.

These experiences were part of an Internet Revolution – moving an Internet out of the narrow academic and scientific community I was part of and into the mainstream (with all of the associated ads and pop-ups necessary for commercial success =)

The “Odyssey” I witnessed as a result of that Internet Revolution hit a peak of “exuberance” in about 2001 (Arthur C. Clarke fans may relate) At that time, I was participating in the very core of IP innovation, and IP NGN, working for Cisco - something a bit “cosmic” given I entered this world of IP from NASA, from a team dedicated to mobility research for viable Space Exploration.

Today, 2010, I see the beginning of another Odyssey (Arthur C. Clarke “Odyssey” dates align with my experience), this time incubated by a Mobile Internet Revolution. As I participate in Cisco’s inaugural Mobile Community introduction, I reflect on the first Internet Odyssey I’ve been on (was it actually an Iliad?), recalling that results I take for granted today would have seemed like science fiction 20 years ago

So while our fledgling Mobile Community grows, evolves, and moves forward, let’s take note that what we’re involved with is not merely a convenience, or a new radio technology. What we’re doing isn’t just packet transport, or efficient frequency modulation.  Rather, all of us within this Mobile Internet community are adding contributions to Odysseys which will launch from aspirations for experiences some of which seem like science fiction. Our collaboration in building a powerful Mobile Community seeds a powerful human desire, and even human need – the ability to explore, and move toward a better life.

I look forward to listening to your aspirations, and collaborating to turn them into desired experiences.