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Mobile Video Summit 2013: Creating Video “Experience As a Service”


By: Jim O'Leary, Mobile Videoscape Solutions Manager, Cisco

On my way to the 2013 Global Mobile Video Summit traveling from Boston, Ma to Berlin, Germany last week we flew over the Beautiful Blue Danube River, now brown with all of the silt and overflowing her banks everywhere causing devastation to the towns and poor shop owners. Much like Berlin, Germany is going through a massive building and modernization boon, so are the Mobile Network Operators, Broadcasting & Companies attending the MVS. Berlin was also the location for the 2nd Annual Mobile Video Summit.

At the Summit, discussions followed a very similiar view from the speakers as the Danube in that we are literally flooded with information on a daily basis. Unlike the recent floods of the rivers in Europe, we are continually flooded with content with no end in sight or so says the Cisco VNI report. This flood of information affects not only you and me, but the Mobile Operators, the Content Producers, the Broadcasters, and even the Advertisers.

  • Mobile networks are flooded with video content and the networks overflowing with data and forcing Wi-Fi offloading.
  • Traditional Content Producers & Broadcasters have so much competition from Reality Shows and individuals uploading their content to You Tube and other sites that it is difficult to sell their content and make a profit.
  • Industry Analysts are perplexed with the best solution recommendations to their clients to solve this information deluge.

Creating “Experience-As-a-Service”

So what’s the problem? Well twenty plus years ago there were maybe 5 – 7 television stations to watch and those stations would vie for the might advertising dollars which would pay for the content creation and generate a reasonable profit.

Today we have access to 300+ pay-tv channels and 1,000’s of VOD titles, but for these pay-tv stations, content creators, and broadcasters how do they get the advertising dollars to pay to create this content? So much competition! So little time for some to differentiate and capture not only my attention, but serve up advertisements that are interesting to me to view, while providing metrics back to those advertisers that I am delivering the "customer types" or "personas" that they want?

There are more than 1.5 billion Smartphones growing at 20+ % yearly and like the re-construction going on in Berlin, Mobile Network Operators are very busy building out their mobile networks. At the 2013 MWC, Cisco announced our Mobile Internet Innovations to help operators deliver their Mobile Video Services to people on the move. Mobile Operators have the ability to anonymize location, device, network type, mobile Internet browsed locations, age, and other information and map that to the experience level that the video service requires. Sharing new revenues from the increased devices and subscribers jointly delivered.

So capturing the device type and service a user is accessing the Network, Analyzing the information with Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite and Optimizing the RAN, and Orchestrating the Network with Cisco Quantum Policy Suite to  deliver the best video experience level, on any device, anywhere you are creates that Experience As A Service that customers and advertisers are willing to pay for.  For more information go to

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